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Elevated Dust Removal

We understand the importance of clean indoor environments including elevated dust removal and surface cleaning (up to 50’ off the ground). Even with the best HVAC maintenance and cleaning schedule, dust and dirt can accumulate on rafters, beams and open duct work over time. Traditionally, this necessary type of maintenance was hard to address because it involved renting special equipment/employee certification and training or hiring an expensive contractor that couldn’t contain the falling dust and debris from coating surfaces and equipment in your facility.

Thankfully, business and commercial properties have a NEW option. Elevated surface cleaning and dust removal services utilizes special HEPA-filtered vacuums with attached brushes especially designed for these hard-to-clean areas. This minimally invasive technique offers a superior finished product at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Enjoy a budget-friendly alternative to scissor lift rentals and standard vacuums

  • Minimize disruption to tenants, clients, retail customers and employees
  • Avoid creating a mess in display cases, on shelves and on the floor
  • Perfect for lobbies, pool areas, conference rooms, dining areas, event areas, mechanical rooms and much more
  • Ideal for property managers, HOAs or business owners who lack specialized cleaning equipment

Window Cleaning

We specialize in quality, environmentally safe window cleaning for businesses and large commercial properties. Our goal is to provide the best end result – we’ll determine the right cleaning method for optimal results during your consultation. We proudly use Purified Water Technology ™ and manual (squeegee) cleaning methods:

Purified Water Technology ™ – The entire window casement, including the sills and glass, are washed and then followed by a spot-free purified rinse. You will notice that your windows will stay clean longer because the surface of the glass will not have the sticky soap residue on it. Expect to see your windows left wet. They will dry naturally and they will dry completely free of any spotting and bug debris.

Manual (squeegee) method – Often times we use this method for our interior window cleaning and it may be an alternate option for best results.

Window cleaning includes glass cleaning, sill wipe down, frame/track wipe down and screen cleaning.

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